Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Looking for new ways to captivate your readers & customer’s experience.

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Over at Going Beyond Print, Our creative minds can offer a new vision for your company. We say that your brand should be shared and enjoyed all over the world, Let us show you how that can be established with augmented reality and more.

Combing print with digital increases interaction with customers. Customers feedback shows a five to 10 times increase in the number of scans and engagement compared to QR codes. Augmented Reality tells the story of the product in a more effective manner than just pointing customers to a web page.

We show you how to use augmented reality and use it to its fullest potential. We provide a means to inspire and rejuvenate your brand to your customers using technological advances and the development. This is an exciting new way to engage your customers and attract new ones.

With the use of Augmented Reality it is limitless. Monthly promotions can have special unique ‘codes’ which you can scan with an App. When you do this, you can see amazing things come to life right before you very eyes.

 Let us show you how to evolve with a new innovative creative approach that your customers can enjoy and provide a fresh new look to your brand in and bold and radical new way that will catch everybody’s attention!

How Can Magazine Publishers Strategically attract and personalize the customer engagement?  

How to take advantage of adapting AR reality to your own magazine or brand

Augment your next upcoming project.

1.    Look for suitable print consulting and technology partners.

2.    Implement pilot projects and gain experience and feedback

3.    Setup AR and VR workshops and working groups

4.    Analyze and Examine areas of application and the added values they create.

5.    Customers can attend a event without being physically present.

AR can be used to bring animation, digital, products, and people to life within a real-world space and environment. The list of possibilities or experiences that a marketer/company can or could create is limited only by imagination and spending budget. Let Going Beyond Print show you how to bring your marketing efforts to life!

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality -Potential customers or readers experience is enhanced and influenced by interaction and additional information and immersion into retail, marketing, tourism and much more.


Magazines Virtual and Digital Elements – “Let’s Work Together” To create something that is astonishing and attracts new customers.


Going Beyond Print and the world of virtual reality is going to take us to places we’ve never been before—across the globe, or to a new, vacation spot, product launches, prime events and together we are going to evoke curiosity in readers of magazines and bring things to life.

It can be breathtaking reading a magazine in a whole new way. Hands free reading with customer interaction.

Immersive content breathing new life into ordinary articles. It’s unique storytelling that you can bring to your readers.


Entice New Readers – It’s a great way to Wow them.

Brand Awareness Personalized with the brand

Meaningful Customer Engagement made more aware of brand and products

Product Promotion that allows the reader to see your product up-close

Navigate customers to brands and stores

Create transparency and access to products that need to be explained.

Create multimedia for advertisers

Window shopping at its best. Products can be made more attractive

Educational & Instructional -How to use a product

Augmented Shopping products can be experienced before purchase

Augmented one on one interaction

Augmented object hyperlinking

Evoking Curiosity, Engage, Go Beyond

When combining print with (AR) makes sense…

Going Beyond Print brings your catalogs and magazines to life by adding that extra bit of flair by making Augmented reality work for your readers. AR brings innovation while evoking curiosity and excitement to a magazine by using vibrant creative style combined with a distinctive branding message using AR to take the magazine to a whole new level.

This allows readers to engage with new content utilizing dynamic creative content items such as event specific competitions, weekly feature content, unique brand partnerships.

Augmented reality can be both innovative and engaging. It elevates digital platforms for your brand and drives all types of print, large format, direct mail, inserts, booklets, brochures, and calendars to a new level. 

Ways to use AR 

Feature driven content, Trailers, Product launches,     Interviews, Purchasing, Dealership promotion, Interactive gaming, Engaging marketing campaigns, Reward user engagement

Magazines & Publications = Memorable, Immersive, Gravitational Engagement 

Bring your publication to life for readers by making augmented reality work for your readers.  Bringing innovation while evoking curiosity and excitement to a magazine by using vibrant creative style combined with a distinctive brand and using AR to take the magazine to a whole new level.

This also provides readers to engage with new content. A variety offering dynamic creative content including items such as event specific competitions, weekly feature content, unique brand partnerships.

An Interactive way for customers to connect with your brand using vibrant graphics, enhanced video, audio, 3D content. Augmented reality can be both innovative,and engaging  and provide digital platforms for your brand.

Evolve, Enhance, Engage

  • Feature driven content
  • New releases
  • Resort Promotion
  • Movie & Video Trailers
  • Product launches
  • Interviews
  • Purchasing
  • Dealership promotion
  • Interactive gaming
  • Engaging marketing campaigns
  • Reward user engagement
  • Virtual reality linking

Print and digital revitalized through interactive technology.

Despite on-going predictions of its demise, print is being revitalized through the use of interactive technology that connects it to the digital world. While many of us favor the speed and convenience of online content consumption,there remains a preference for print rather than digital, It is also a way to disconnect from the online noise and distraction. It can be challenging to properly combine print, mobile and online content for AR.

Print can be made interactive by incorporating a call to action in printed material. But by adding an interactive dimension to print, AR can effectively bridge both print and digital together. Engaging, high quality print is being revitalized and ultimately it will be the application of AR, by marketers and publishers alike, that will help print stand the test of time.