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Choosing The Right Press to Fit Your Project

We choose the right equipment and press configuration to fit your project and provide cost reduction in the process.

We produce projects on time, at the right production location and using the latest technology enhancements. Our production facilities are at the top of their game in the industry both with experience ,knowledge and quality, no matter what type of project it is, we know how to get it done, save on your costs, and provide you with the  high quality standards you are looking for.  We also supply you with support you need to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible. We aim to please and do it with ease, no matter how hard the project seems. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you achieve success.

  • Digital Pressesi283726789515860704._szw1280h1280_
  • Sheet-fed Presses
  • Wide Format Presses
  • Packaging Presses
  • Half Web Presses
  • Full Web Press
  • Double Web Presses
  • Roll to Roll Presses
  • Variable Data
  • 3D UV Presses with Foil Print & Packaging
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 Unit Sheetfed Presses W/inline finishing

Want to know more about 3D Printing with digital enhancements. Watch a video by Scodix by clicking on the Spiderman image .

The right equipment to fit the size, and quantity of your marketing materials without sacrificing the quality of your project.

i283726789509508307._szw1280h1280_Choosing the right equipment to produce your project on, can impact the costs and quality of your project significantly. Costs, quality, and time, we make sure you get the best of all three. We have top notch production facilites, Using the best, equipment for efficiency of your project. We use the right solution process for the best cost effective outcome.


Drag and Drop File Transfers, Online Proofing, Onsite Press Checks

Using our production facility, Using the right equipmentshutterstock_147485705 and pre-flight proofing processes and our onsite press checks to provide top notch quality of your projects. We try to make your experience with Going Beyond Print as hassle-free as we possibly can.



Sheetfed Press with Coating

This is a spectacular press Komori GL 6-colour 40-inch press with coater and low-energy UV  drying inline + an inline tower coating system. Coatings range from gloss uv to satin, dull and soft touch, matte. Metallic applications available.

i283726789498278284._szw270h3500_Sheetfed Press with Coating

This is a press 10 inks + an inline tower coating system. Plus Coatings range from gloss to satin, dull and soft touch.


This press is a work horse and great for 3-dimensional work and instore signage display and packaging work. Eye catching color output and UV coating for high-end rollouts.

Large format Litho Press

Large format printing up to 77″ gives you the ability to create high-impact signage including posters, banners and overheads. Perfect for short runs, our KBA large format presses can deliver 7 minute per color makeready times. With less time on press, large format litho is the big idea you can use to cut turnaround and cost, without sacrificing quality.

Grand Format Printer

Super-Wide digital inkjet printer-high-end specialty print, including billboard, banner and graphic and in-store signage.

Xerox IGen4

Digital Printing, Vibrant colors, Short press runs, Fast on press proofs, Quick Turnarounds.

Sunday 2000 Web Press

Commercial Web Press good for catalogs and publications and direct mail.

Lenticular Printing Press

This press is used to print 3D lenticular printing, Morph, Flip, animated printing processes.

MGI Digital Meteor DP8700 XL

The JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL’s combined abilities produce a revolutionary new process for personalized foil in short runs, generating Vibrant Wow factor results…

10 Color UV

In most cases commercial offset and web printers utilize traditional inks which are solvent based. The slow evaporation of these solvents allows for the inks to eventually cure or harden on the paper.

Unique UV offset presses utilize specially-formulated inks, which cure instantly when exposed to ultra violet light. This forces the UV cured ink to dry, resulting in a more vibrant image with better durability on a wider range of papers and substrates. Ultra-Violet printing also allow for various textures and special effects to all be done inline on press, saving you time and money.

HP Indigo 12000

The HP Indigo doesn’t use dry toner ink. It uses liquid electro-static ink. This results in a vibrant and scratch-resistant image that rivals offset quality.

Use the full sheet to print canvas wall art, high-impact posters, folders, oversized books, specialty products, and more.
Te Indigo 12000 (20.81 x 29.5″) allow you to design pieces that can be 100% dynamic and also make a large impact.

i283726789515860759._szw270h3500_Whatever you need to print, we can do so on a diverse array of paper stocks –Print on 50 lb text to 150 lb cover and 3-18 pt in thickness—including coated, uncoated, colored and dark papers, and paperboard for folding cartons. Use on-press primer to print on off-the-shelf papers.

Consistently vivid colors that leap off the page. Color management and profiling also ensure that your brand is accurately reproduced across various media platforms.

Man Roland 500


Lithoman Publication Press


Packaging Press


Digital Web Press

M Press Leopard Large Format Printer


Full Web Printing Services