Direct Mail Is The Way To Go!

Direct Mail

We know one of our strengths is providing you with creative choices for your print needs. We live in the electronic age, but we still receive mail every day. The facts tell us a well-executed direct mail campaigns is still a powerful performer. Equipped to handle all of your marketing communications from start to finish, we offer sophisticated mailing solutions.

Direct Mail Campaigns – Connect with your audience unlike any other form of advertising.

Direct mail campaigns engage two of the senses—sight and touch. We see more and more companies moving away from tradition. One company that embodied the changes was a travel company. While they could have decided to simply send out a mailer with a picture of a seashell, they instead brought the entire ocean right to your door.Call of sea direct mailer

The Mailer featured that prompted recipients to hold the shell up to their ear. Once there, an audio device in the mailer activated with sounds of seagulls, ocean waves crashing and laughter at the recipients’ ears. While sight could show recipients a warm place, the sound transports the recipient from the generally cold location to a faraway beach.

Direct Mail provides an opportunity to connect with your preferred audience unlike any other form of advertising. Using an enhancement in your next direct mail project will help provide a ROI. If your prospects have a reaction to the offer, your return on investment goes up dramatically. We can help you to get your marketing message across in the most engaging way.

What if we could grow your business easily and for a very low cost?

Automotive Direct Mail Campaign

Automotive Direct Mail Campaign

What if you could grow your business easily and for a very low cost?Direct mail postcards is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available today. Enhanced by using augmented reality, The customer’s love this.

Client feedback: “Even our competing vendors are amazed! We have definitely generated more business as a result of the Direct mail postcards that you have produced”

We have incorporated the latest in data processing, digital imaging and finishing technologies  to offer full-service, single-source, direct mail capabilities. For all classes of US and Canadian mail, we execute all  of your direct mail programs in a secure environment, in compliance with all the requirements of PIPEDA. Through  our specialty finishing division, we also offer a broad range of innovative finishing services in support of our direct  mail product offering. From self-mailer production through to tipping, folding and gluing, read and write and video  matching applications.

One of the biggest keys to success, with direct mail marketing, is to have a design that not only looks good, but is also eye catching. It will also get people to respond. It needs to have the right design elements (attention grabbing headline, call to action etc…) or it is possible, it’s not going to pull a good response.

We can design your mailer or you can provide the artwork. Then we’ll print, address, and deliver the campaign to your targeted mailing list, ensuring you receive the best possible postal rate.

We have years of experience when it comes to direct mail. We can guide you through the process and provide knowledgeable recommendations. Our team can provide you with unique innovative ways using the latest technology – that will get great results.

Direct Mail catalogs one of the best methods used to make consistent sales volume.

Retail Catalogs

Direct Mail Retail Catalogs

Direct-mail print catalogs are one of the best ways to make consistent sales in volume. In fact, many companies bank their entire marketing strategies on direct-mail catalogs. In addition to customer service, brand identity, your catalog layout will largely determine your success.

Wanting an effective direct mail print catalog that drives sales, listed below are a few key factors to consider.

Cover charm using that wow factor

Your catalog cover is your single most important page. It’s what customers see first and is what determines whether they’ll take a look at the rest of your catalog.

Consistency and Layout

A consistent layout also makes finding important information and flipping to favorite categories easier for your customers, so the purchasing process is hassle-free.

Combination Print

Consider using combined print with digital augmented reality , this allows the customer to interact with your product, experience your product and provide them with a hassle free buy option as well.