Digital Publishing

Connecting Customers With Your Brand

Digital Publishing Enhances The Customer Experience.

With Digital publishing you can create rich content that tells a story and provides potential customers a way to view your brand in an enjoyable and interactive way ,that also adds value by increasing the potential for more sales.  A collaboration between print and digital publishing  provides, easy access to showcase your products, It also provides retail,  sales and dealership support with high impact portable mobile content to assist them in selling more brand products. We recommend using an online version of your project. Digital publishing also helps bring your content to life allowing the customer to feel like they are a part of your brand and products using video, augmented reality, virtual reality and embedded links.

It makes for a ‘life-like’ reading experience of browsing your document page-by-page. This experience can also be enhanced by adding embedded augmented reality making your products come to life. These  digital publications, E catalogs, E Brochures, PDF’s and multiple files are built using robust, cross-platform and tablet accessible HTML5 they retain the full layout position and elements of your printed materials. Excellent for product guides, brochures, catalogs, coffee table books and other image-rich publications.

Formula E Miami
BMW Digital Page
Digital Flip books Sample Content
Nissan Flipbook

A couple of our printed projects.  This customer also opted to use digital publishing.

This provided 3 – ways for the brand to connect with customers before,

during and after the event.

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Printed Sample & Digital Publishing.


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Printed Sample & Digital Publishing

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