Cross Promote

Looking for some effective ways to accomplish this?

  • In print ads (These ads also appear in digital editions and can be linked)
  • Draw More (Do a 3D interactive retail catalog)
  • Up-sale (Use augmented reality to showcase all the additional features)
  • Digital blow-ins (These intercept offers can integrate with fulfillment systems)
  • Visual Ordering (24 Hour digital window shops)
  • Follow-up ( Direct mail follow-up programs)
  • Sampling (Protect digital content with “Look Inside”)
  • Direct response (Make it easy to respond – by mail, phone, e-mail, and online)
  • On your website (Keep visuals fresh, animate, apply tracking code)
  • Social Media (Establish a brand identity; become a frequent thought leader)
  • In-app advertising (Try linking in-app ads to a survey or website merchandise)
  • At events (Sticker hard copies with a URL; invite on-the-spot subscription sign-up)
  • Broadcast (Convey easy use by diverse demographics across channels)
  • Outdoor (Keep your images bold and your message simple)
  • Retail merchandising (Use store signage, Augmented Reality, codes, and contests to pique interest)
  • Brand Promotion (Promote your brand by using add specialty promotional items branded with your brand logo and message)
  • App Integration (Showcase your products and services from a sleek user friendly app that is perfectly customized to any device your audience uses)

Through interactive print, we are able to bring the experience right in front of your customers and using Innovative technology to do it in a way that is really hard to ignore. i283726789516070694._msw565h424_szw565h424_