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Video Mailers Folders are an efficient way to provide product knowledge and usage instructions to your customers. Furthermore, it has that potential to change the face of your dealership meetings, business meetings, presentations and video direct mail marketing, allowing you to better engage your sales people or audience with full-motion imagery and sound.

Lights, Sound, Action – Video Plus Print

Where technology & Print come together and form a partnership using Video, Images, Print and the marketing message.

It captures the customer from the moment they lay eyes on it. 

This goes beyond the traditional printed brochure or the traditional business card.

Interaction -Engage and attract your customers, it allows your audience to instantly connect with you and your brand.  

Available in many different sizes. With an LCD display housed within the body of a folder, this technology truly can bring a Car Brochure, Resort Catalog, New Product Showcase, RV Magazine, Live Music Event,  Artist Promotion or that Special Moment to life.

This is also provides that wow factor in the retail space, showcase your products  with Video POS Displays or Video Packaging and stand- out among your competition.

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Innovation, Creativity, Customization, Quality and Service 


“We worked very closely with Mazda to design the RAP device which will provide user friendly, dedicated, after- sales, and service call functions to its customers.

We create new concepts every month, providing new and innovative ways to communicate your message to your community with our range of targeted video marketing products. Video Plus Print & Going Beyond Print specializes in providing quick, bespoke customized message and turnkey solutions to help you with any concept you can imagine. Let us help you Power your brand to a new level of excitement and excite your potential customers with Lights, Sound, Video.

An example of our craftsmanship and collaboration to work closely with our clients is showcased here to the right. ” Mr. ABC Sergio, President, Mazda Mexico said, “We are very excited to be the first company in the world, to offer a simple, yet unique solution to our

customers, to ensure they are provided with world class after sales services”. The RAP device is part of a more elaborate multi sensory packaging gift case which will be handed over to new customers. The case has a LED display of the Mazda car along with the actual car keys.


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Multi Sensory Video

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Video POS

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How to Use a Video Brochure

multisensory Options

Marketing  that leaves a lasting impression- Produce a Video + Packaging Brochure- To Showcase Special Events , Showcase Your Resort, Promote A Cruise, Announce A New Movie Release. Promote a New Product. Promote a New Property.

Available in many different sizes. With an LCD display housed within the body of a folder or brochure, catalog, book, retail insert, calendar, storefront display, counter top display, product display, sales kits and much more. Call us today to discuss the options that are available. We have partnered with the best manufacturing company for this product. 

100% engagement for your target audience, that does more than build awareness, its builds brand image, trust and loyal customers. Video Brochure Mailers are by far the best Video Marketing technique adopted by Fortune 500 companies. They are personalized, direct, engaging and always remain within easy reach on the tables of your customers.

Video Brochures have a high share to impress quality and the trail of new customers is unparalleled by any other form of direct or indirect marketing.

Stand Out – Animation, LED, Lights, and Much More…..

Michael Jackson High Impact Electronic Poster


Once you’ve got a sign that can light up, it’s possible to control what lights up and when. As you can see in the pictures, they can be sequenced to show up individually or all at once, really attracting attention then adding to the impact of the poster. If you’ve got a clever designer, they can really make the poster come to life in lots of fun and innovative ways.


High Impact Posters are effective as an alternative to traditional non-electronic posters. Here are some of their most popular uses:

  • Posters & point-of-sale
  • Bus shelter advertisements
  • Trade shows
  • Window displays
  • Clothing & hats
  • Safety Items
  • Floor mats