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Our state-of-the-art digital imaging technology gives you fast, affordable, photo-realistic images that will catch eyes and turn heads. Bring your business into focus with our cost-effective digital imaging solutions. Our wide range of digital imaging and printing technology knowledge, quality materials, design elements and other resources, can transform even your most challenging projects and visions into reality.

We also understand how difficult the management of that brand becomes when there are multiple business units and locations across the country. In today’s economy, it is vital to be able to offer high quality products and services with brand image consistency for all multiple locations. Our team of experts understands and ensures that your locations will receive the promotional materials they need to drive sales on time, within budget, and that will follow your brand requirements.

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Large format digital (LFD) printing is currently the fastest growing segment of the print market. Not surprisingly, we are pursuing this as a significant target market and growth area for RP Graphics. Taking advantage of the latest UV flatbed printing technologies, we can now deliver high-quality print on just about any material available – from rigid substrates to window cling. And we can finish it with professional digital die-cutting, mounting, laminating, and specialty finishing. Our broad finishing capabilities allow us to create 3D displays, razor sharp cut-outs and stunning POP displays. Through our expansion of services in this area, we are quickly becoming a key supplier to consumer goods and retail companies across Canada.

The M-Press Leopard flatbed inkjet press can print on a variety of materials up to 5cm thick. The M-Press Leopard’s 1.6 x 3.3m flatbed can accommodate the growing variety of materials and non-standard “rigid” substrates. Unlike other platforms in the high-end wide-format digital print segment, the M-Press Leopard is configured to be the most versatile solution on the market. It works effortlessly with thin and thick sheets, from small sizes to the maximum accommodated on the table.

Our services, which now include product engineering, creative support, specialty finishing, kitting and distribution, in support of our wide-ranging print capabilities, positions us as a true single source supplier in the market segment.

 Unite, Collaborate, Execute

Large Format and Signage – Why we should be your choice for your next large format or signage project. Lowe Martin & Going Beyond Print

We unite together to- provide support across the board, complete collaboration – We collaborate with planning, your design team, we are innovative by nature, we work closely with your internal team, creative managers, art directors, marketing department, outside team, ad agency, in-store procurement and marketing display managers , installation and much more to make sure campaign roll-out is a success across all channels of marketing departments and everyone involved.

We have advantages to meet your turn around times and the right equipment, giving us the ability to do print runs that require both national and international roll-outs.

We Execute -End to End solutions for any challenge, put us to the test. Giving your next campaign the edge above your competition.

If we have to use and outside vendor partner to complete your project, they are pre- qualified to be one of our preferred vendors and held to our quality standards to meet our customers goals, quality standards, and expectations.

  • In-store decor packages
  • Posters and displays
  • Planing, design, execution, and installation
  • Mock ups, fabrication, custom displays
  • A wide variety of substrates, digital signage, Interactive displays
  • Interactive displays, augmented commerce displays – Interactive & Augmented reality is bringing a realism to shoppers to get a familiarity with products. This new way of shopping helps consumers with their buying decisions enabling retailers to allow shoppers to try products virtually first through augmented reality before buying, while positively impacting sales and product returns for retailers.
  • Lenticular displays -is a technology in which lenses are used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. Lenticular prints can be used for In Store POS, Direct Mail campaigns or Outdoor Advertising as well as many other applications, without the need for a power source or glasses.
  • Electroluminescent advertising displays,-Displays are paper thin, flexible panels that can be produced to any size or shape and can be customized to either statically illuminate or animate to any sequence. The performance and visual characteristics of high-performance electroluminscent displays make it an ideal solution for the most challenging and demanding applications where other display technologies are simply inadequate.
  • Digital advertising displays-Touchscreens are the perfect way to bring interaction to your advertising displays as well as allowing your customer to gain the exact information that they wish to receive at their fingertips.
  • E-paper display- is a paper thin electronic display used for POS that can enhance any advertising campaign by giving motion to the existing ink, so that different areas are highlighted in any sequence. White inks can even appear and disappear to reveal hidden messages. Sometimes power outlets are not always an option in some stores, in these instances, e-Paper can be a stand-alone unit. It is ideal for displays, where the batteries can last long enough for any campaign to highlight a promotion or product launch.
  • Video Displays- Creating a visit that customers will remember, using dynamic interactive displays that dazzle the customers and attract customers to your stores.
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