Magazines – Virtual & Digital Elements

Combine your Print with Digital technology 

 Magazines & Virtual Digital Elements

As print publications continue seeking ways to entice advertisers, using some of the new technologies available to create a printed magazine cover embedded with a near-field communications, or NFC, tag, readers don’t need to take pictures of anything with their phones’ cameras. The phone automatically


Design, Ski, Technology, Housing

detects the NFC chip.  This provides a way to bring products to life for a reader in a way that words just don’t do.

Printed magazines -Using Digital technology to be innovative in ways we never imagined possible. Combined print and digital efforts will magnify the advertiser’s connection to both the consumer and the brand. Enhancing the way users read and see your magazines or catalogs. Changing consumer perception and offering real value.

We do more than lay down ink on paper. We evoke curiosity for readers with innovation, creative coatings, and new technology enhancements for your materials.

We create more effective magazines, publications and product catalogs for your specific marketplace, we work seamlessly as an extension to your internal or external marketing team. We take pride in overseeing your projects from pre-flight through scheduling, manufacturing and distribution of your marketing materials.


Automotive, Recreational Magazines

Serving Markets:

  • Catalog and Retail
  • Agency/ Creative
  • Automotive/ Recreational/Racing
  • Home Entertainment movie releases/ Gaming
  • Real Estate/ Resort
  • Jewelry/Cosmetic
  • Beverage/ Food
  • Educational

Adding Elements:

Making your covers and print ads standout- using interactive visual images that provide viewers a feeling of immersion.

  • Swim with the dolphins
  • Enjoy  the roar of the fire at a cabin getaway
  • Checkout the latest retail product release

    Lake, Resort, Real Estate, Investment, Housing

  • Watch a  our new movie trailer
  • Experience some of our activities available on our cruise
  • Explore a new property
  • Watch our new recreational vehicle  in action.
  • Check out our new attraction
  • See your next vacation spot
  • Explore a newly opened resort
  • Watch the latest runway fashion show
  • Hear the ocean while cruising on a new boat or yacht
  • Experience a ride on a new motorcycle

Video Plus Print Magazine Inserts

 Special coatings to Enhance the look and feel of the magazine

Video Plus Print Magazine Insert

Magazine inserts have more appeal than regular print advertisements and differentiate the products from those advertised on traditional platforms.

 Combining Print with Video for your Magazine Inserts enables all the action and excitement of the digital world using sensory technology to entice and influence readers at the crucial point of contact.

Coatings: The type of coating you want for your magazine:

Magazines- Metallic silvers, golds, holographic, iridescent, glow in the dark, these are just some of the choices you have available to you, when you are wanting your magazine to stand out above the competition.

The most common coatings for magazine covers are gloss UV, matte UV and Varnish.

  • Gloss UV –This is the extra shiny coating that adds a sheen to the printed product. Gloss UV will enhance colors and preserve the paper from fading, yellowing or tearing.
  • Matte UV – This coating gives the cover a more textured, smoother feel.
  • Varnish – The best way to describe varnish is a less glossy, less shiny Gloss UV.
  • Glitter UV -Glitter Particles are added to a UV water based varnish to add sparkle to a design or campaign.
  • Tinted Varnishes– are essentially a UV varnish with translucent color, these can be applied as a spot UV or Overall UV.
  • Textured Gloss Varnish– provides a textured effect within the varnish, to add a feel effect to your printed piece.
  • Pearlescent– This provides a pearl shimmer effect and cam be applied in spot areas or overall.
  • Velvet Coating– Produces a soft feel on a substrate, It has a Matte appearance and can be combined with spot UV to create contrast. This provides a good economic alternative to soft touch laminates.

Lamination options:

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Silk lamination-
  • Holographic lamination

There are a few different types of binding, and the two most common are perfect-bound and saddle-bound.


This is the square-edge look seen with some of the magazines on newsstands with larger page counts. There is not really a maximum number of pages that one can perfect bind, but there is normally a minimum amount of pages required to perfect bind.

Saddle-bound (or saddle-stitched):

This is the binding process that uses staples. Normally, saddle-stitching is a bit more cost-effective when compared to perfect binding.  There is no minimum page count required, but there normally is a maximum.